12 Inspiring And Creative Ideas For Creating A Vertical Garden

We’re all obsessed with the sun and warmth of summer. When summer finally comes around, we want to take hold of it quickly and never let it go. We’ll never be able to fight against the laws of nature and achieve this, but we can always make a small evergreen space right in our house.

12 freshest and most incredible ideas to help you create an indoor vertical garden.

A garden which reminds us of our holidays

idea for creating vertical garden1

You can keep your beautiful seashells from gathering dust on a shelf by simply hanging them from the ceiling. Put some small unpretentious plants inside the shells and get the most stunning indoor container.

A LEGO garden

idea for creating vertical garden2

No, you don’t have to use this famous plastic construction toy for the realization of this idea. Use colorful shelves of different shapes and sizes instead, and decorate them with small potted flowers (such as violas).

A planter made out of pipes

idea for creating vertical garden3

Constructing such a unique planter at home is fairly easy and very pleasant. An old and useless pipe is transformed into a real piece of modern art in an instant.

A pallet garden wall

idea for creating vertical garden4

There is nothing easier than planting flowers in old pallets and hanging them on the wall.

A web garden

idea for creating vertical garden5

This kind of garden can be any size and shape. You will need a wooden box and silky yarn to hold the plant in place.

The new life of an old purse

idea for creating vertical garden6

This is a great solution for girls who have no idea what to do with their old bags and purses.

A concrete geometric wall planter

idea for creating vertical garden7

Perfect for those who like sharp lines.

A garden from an old chest of drawers

idea for creating vertical garden8

Why keep unnecessary things in drawers when you can plant something beautiful and green in them?

A decorative wall planter

idea for creating vertical garden9

It’s quite easy to construct such a functional and beautiful wall planter: just hang an old box on the wall, and don’t forget to water the plants.

A mini garden

idea for creating vertical garden10

Well, who said that gardens should be large? The size of the plant is inversely proportional to the beauty of garden.

A vertical garden for a true perfectionist

idea for creating vertical garden11

Because everything must be done properly and in order.

A hanging garden

idea for creating vertical garden12

Old aquariums, christmas decorations, or even glass balls will make a cozy little ‘hanging house’ for your favorite plants.


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