30 Brilliant Ideas To Dress Up Your Small Apartment

Having a small apartment is not a problem but a chance to impress everyone you know with your innovative approach to everyday boring tasks like decorating or storing stuff. All you have to do is to organize the space properly, and soon you’ll see that even a small apartment can turn into one incredible place where you can comfortably work, have parties with your friends, and romantic dates with your loved one.

Jewelry storage

Ideas for a small apartment1

You can store your jewelry behind a piece of art if you attach it to some sort of a box.

A wooden armrest

Ideas for a small apartment2

This custom armrest will serve as a great substitute for that coffee table you couldn’t find a place for.

Miniature above-the-faucet shelves

Ideas for a small apartment3

These can be placed above any sink, even the tiniest one.

Multifunctional rotating wardrobe

Ideas for a small apartment4

Is this a mirror? No, wait, a rack or bookshelves? It’s all-in-one, actually. Plus, it rotates, so you never get bored with your ordinary wardrobe.

Ottoman transformer

Ideas for a small apartment5

What an ingenious idea! You have an additional bed for your guests, and when they leave you have your favorite ottoman back.

Foldable laundry basket

Ideas for a small apartment6
Ideas for a small apartment7
Ideas for a small apartment8

You can store the folded version of the laundry basket in the smallest place available. For example, between your machine and the wall.

A secret storage place in your kitchen

Ideas for a small apartment9
The narrow space between the wall and the fridge can also be used quite effectively.

Hanging clothes rack

Ideas for a small apartment10

You sure will find this stylish space-saving idea to be much more useful than ordinary clothes racks.

Hooks attached to a shower rod

Ideas for a small apartment11

Have you ever tried hanging your bath sponges behind the shower curtain just like this? So smart, yet so simple.

An alternative table on the balcony

Ideas for a small apartment12

Once you get this amazing table you’ll find it impossible to leave the balcony on a sunny day. It will turn into your summer residence or your office.

A holder for toilet paper and magazines

Ideas for a small apartment13

This 2-in-1 idea will save some space in a small bathroom.

A vertical wine rack

Ideas for a small apartment14

The one thing you won’t have to sacrifice, even in the smallest apartment imaginable, is a good bottle of wine.

A pull-out pantry for spices

Ideas for a small apartment15

A special place for those numerous little jars and bottles of spices.

An additional shelf for spices

Ideas for a small apartment16

This easy-to-make mini-shelf will save some space in kitchen cabinets.

Utensil holder

Ideas for a small apartment17

This DIY utensil holder is super easy to make. Place it over a mini-fridge and you’ll get a perfect space-saver to hold the utensils you use the most.

A drawer for knives

Ideas for a small apartment18

This is definitely a must-have in all kitchens around the world.

A pocket for your hair straightener and hair dryer

Ideas for a small apartment19

A pocket for your hair straightener and hair dryer

A shower curtain with pockets

Ideas for a small apartment20

You’ll find it very useful if you worry about storage space in a small bathroom.

Wall magnets

Ideas for a small apartment21

Use these wall magnets and everything you need on a daily basis will be right at hand.

A tufted ottoman

Ideas for a small apartment22

Now you have additional space to keep your small things.

Corner dish drainer

Ideas for a small apartment23

It saves a lot of space and declutters your kitchen counter.

’Nest’ bowl set

Ideas for a small apartment24

Smart utensils from Joseph Joseph. The nesting bowl set features four measuring cups, a couple of mixing bowls, a sieve, and a colander.

A slide-out basket organizer

Ideas for a small apartment25

These are seriously useful and affordable too. Plus, there is no such thing as too much storage space in kitchen cabinets.

A foldable grater

Ideas for a small apartment26

This grater can be easily folded; it becomes completely flat, thus giving additional space in the kitchen drawer.


Ideas for a small apartment27

Next time you buy a large bed for a small apartment, consider options with additional storage functions.

A built-in ironing board

Ideas for a small apartment28

Could you ever imagine that the inside of a wall mirror could store the whole ironing board?

A smart bookcase

Ideas for a small apartment29

Ideas for a small apartment30

This is a super smart storage solution: a bookcase that can ’hide’ four chairs and one table when you don’t need them.

A pull-out cutting board

Ideas for a small apartment31

An additional cutting station with a hole to throw garbage in. So smart!

Cleaning supplies cabinet

Ideas for a small apartment32

Everything you need to clean your place is right there in the same place. And no one will have to know where exactly!

A cat storage system

Ideas for a small apartment33

This is what I call an effectively organized space.


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