20 Creative Designs Will Wash All Your Housekeeping Troubles Away

These everyday items will definitely prove that you’re not the only one who needs all of these items. Someone has actually invented them! Finally!

Broom-cleaning dustpan
Ideas to make life easier1

Slightly modified, this dust pan helps remove dust and small objects from the broom without getting your hands dirty.

Arena dish rack
Ideas to make life easier2

This dish rack will get rid of water all by itself.

Searching device to find your keys and cell phone
Ideas to make life easier3

After you attach a special ’searching’ device to your keys and cell, you won’t be able to go too far from your treasured possessions. But when you do, the transmitter that connects these two objects will start beeping.

The Obsessive Chef cutting board
Ideas to make life easier4

Have you ever been frustrated by those precise recipes? Well, not anymore! If the recipe says a 2-inches long slice, be it!

A portable humidifier
Ideas to make life easier5

There is no need to look for a place for your floor humidifier. This miniature device will make everything much easier.

A bed fan
Ideas to make life easier6

When it’s hot but you want to wrap yourself in your soft blanket, should you give up on the blanket or endure sweating all night long? No need to make such difficult decision: this fan will deliver cool air right under the blanket.

Double-section frying pan
Ideas to make life easier7

The recipe says to fry the veggies separately from the meat? No problem! This frying pan is designed especially for you. And plus, you won’t have to wash additional utensils.

Camping breakfast machine
Ideas to make life easier8

This breakfast machine can make coffee, toast, and eggs simultaneously.

Light switch with magnets
Ideas to make life easier9

The best place for your keys if you keep losing them at home.

Laser scissors
Ideas to make life easier10

The scissors that can cut no wrong. Using its ’laser guidance’ system, you’ll make a perfect cut every time.

Auto-Measure Spice Carousel
Ideas to make life easier11

From now on, you’ll never lose those valuable seconds trying to find the right seasoning. This space and time saving spice carousel will do it for you.

The steak station
Ideas to make life easier12

This thermometer will measure the degree at which your steaks should be roasted. No need to guess if they’re ready anymore.

Folding chairs
Ideas to make life easier13

These chairs are easy to use and they won’t require much space when you fold them.

The Boil Over Preventer
Ideas to make life easier14

This spill stopper will keep your stove clean even if you forget.

A cutting board with a scale
Ideas to make life easier15

Very useful: now you’ll chop the exact amount you need.

Work and fitness desk station
Ideas to make life easier16

Ideas to make life easier17

If you feel like you have worked too long and need a break, make it useful for your health too! Stand up, get your running shoes on, and enjoy your workout without leaving your computer.

Skewers for canapé
Ideas to make life easier18

These will add a little iron look to your canapés.

A cake knife
Ideas to make life easier19

This knife will help you cut the cake into equal pieces and easily serve them.

A smart cutting board
Ideas to make life easier20

Now the chopped potatoes will go directly in the pot!

A pouring clip
Ideas to make life easier21

This helps pour liquid from the bowl without any spills.

An egg cracking device
Ideas to make life easier22

If you’re having a hard time cracking those eggs into a bowl, or just don’t want your hands to touch them, here is the right thing for you to have in your kitchen.


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