Romeo And Juliet Would Love These 16 Incredible Balconies

Isn’t there something incredibly romantic and lovely about a balcony? Maybe it’s my mental association between balconies and Romeo & Juliet but either way, the dream house that I have conjured up in my imagination has always had a balcony. I want to be able to wake up in the morning on a brisk but sunny spring day, make a warm pot of coffee, and drink that coffee on my balcony. Just try telling me that that doesn’t appeal to you… of course it does! Because balconies rock. But if for some reason you still aren’t convinced of the marvel that is a balcony, then I will let these fantastic pictures do the talking and help ignite your balcony dreams!

1. Get the benefit of fresh air with the coziness of really comfy furniture.
incredible balconies 1

2. A balcony overlooking the water. Life doesn’t get much more relaxing.
incredible balconies 2

3. A chic city style.
incredible balconies 3

4. Don’t underestimate the difference that lanterns can make.
incredible balconies 4

5. Plants are a must for a nice, fresh look.
incredible balconies 5

6. Try a pink-accented balcony for a stylish splash of color.
incredible balconies 6

7. Or go with some serious green.
incredible balconies 7

8. Flower power.
incredible balconies 8

9. The dream.
incredible balconies 9

10. And a hammock to top it all off.
incredible balconies 10

11. Get a modern touch with some dark wood accents.
incredible balconies 11

12. You’ll have to practice your queen wave for this one.
incredible balconies 12

13. Balcony or bedroom? The line is a little bit blurry.
incredible balconies 13

14. Welcome to the secret garden.
incredible balconies 14

15. Get your zen on.
incredible balconies 15

16. A place for all of your friends.
incredible balconies 16


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