12 Iridescent Nail Options That Will Make You Glow And Shimmer

Iridescent nails are here and they are gorgeous! This nail looks simple at first, but the more you move the more your nail will glimmer and shine with tons of color! Pink undertones make this nail sweet and bright, but feel free to use a deeper color as a base coat and add some opal polish on top for endless looks!

1. Ombre Iridescent

Opal nail foil over ombre nails!

Iridescent Nails

2. Sparkly Iridescent

Add a little sparkle to your nail for extra shine!

Iridescent Nails

3. White Iridescent

Give your white nail some character!

Iridescent Nails

4. Coral

These nails have a thin coat but are still vibrant!

Iridescent Nails

5. Shards

Get more color shine by using shards of fake glass.

Iridescent Nails

6. Chrome Shatter

Use chrome polish for the base and stickers for a real shine!

Iridescent Nails

7. Wild Iridescence

Your nails will shine like the inside of a seashell!

Iridescent Nails

8. Gold Leaf

Add some gold leaf to this look and feel rich and powerful!

Iridescent Nails

9. Deco Iridescent

Use a white deco nail on top of your opal polish!

Iridescent Nails

10. Significant Other

The pinks really come out of this polish when the light hits it!

Iridescent Nails

11. Blue Iridescent

Use a blue polish as your base and paint over top with an opal polish!

Iridescent Nails

12. Aquamarine

This polish has a tint of blue in it but keeps the iridescent look!

Iridescent Nails


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