For Only $137K, You Can Purchase This Mansion

This massive five-bedroom, four-bathroom home for sale is a mere $137,000! There is a catch that could deter you from making an offer…

The wonderfully spacious home has five bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and over 5,000 square feet of living space!

The catch? This gigantic estate is located in Winner, South Dakota, a town of 2,900 people that’s located about a three hour drive from the nearest big city, Sioux Falls.

This mansion is just a little bit off the beaten path, unless of course, you want to be a reclusive mansion owner, then it’s perfect!

Even though the asking price of this palatial residence exceeds the median home value in the area by a significant margin, the realty company has received an offer that’s pending.

There’s little information available about who built the mansion!

It sure does look like a lovely home, and at that price it’s a steal.

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