Old Man Sells Wood Every Day To Pay Wife’s Medical Bills, Then Neighbor Learns She Already Died

Jessica Pittman was driving through her hometown of Gulfport, Mississippi when she noticed an elderly couple standing beside their SUV parked on the side of the road. Curious, Jessica pulled up and struck up a conversation.

She learned that Kenneth Smith and his wife Helen were trying to sell kindling wood to help pay for her medical bills. Helen was diagnosed with lung cancer, so Kenneth chopped and bagged his own wood in an effort to bolster their finances.

He was selling the kindling for $5 a bag.

The following year, Jessica spotted Kenneth out there on the same corner once again, selling wood to anyone who was interested. But there was no Helen in sight.

Kenneth told Jessica that Helen had passed away. Heartbroken yet determined, the widower was still out there every day for hours on end, trying to pay her medical bills even after she passed. He stood outside with his straw hat over his heart, waving to each car that drove past.

Touched to tears, Jessica took to Facebook to see if she could help Kenneth.

Nothing prepared Jessica, or Kenneth, for what happened next. A little kindness goes a long way.

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