Parents Asked A Teacher To Find Out Why Their Daughter Was Lying To Them And This Is What He Discovered…

Katie was in trouble, and I mean BIG trouble. She was such a sweet and caring kid; I just couldn’t imagine what she had done to make her mom so angry. A third-grade teacher always dreams of having a classroom filled with Katies.

She worked hard, loved learning, did her homework, had concerned and active parents, was attentive and a risk taker. And she was never, ever a discipline problem.

So when I received a phone call one evening, I was surprised. Katie’s mom was not the type to overreact to situations, and she said she needed my help. It seemed that Katie had been running up sizable charges in the lunchroom. Her mother and father explained that she did not have permission to be buying snacks at school. She brought a great homemade lunch each day, and there was no reason for her to be charging extra items. They assumed a sit-down with Katie would solve the problem.

It always had in the past. But when they got another bill from the school cafeteria the following month, her mom and dad became very concerned. It was so unlike Katie to purposefully misbehave, and it was totally out of character for her to ignore her parents.