He Pulls A Sign Out When The Kiss Cam Focuses On Them. Hilarious.

One of the funniest ways sports teams pass the time between action is the Kiss Cam. The camera focuses on men and the women sharing  a kiss in front of thousands of people.

Kiss Cam moments can go terribly wrong, and when they do, they evolve into viral sensations. One of the problems with randomly selecting a man and woman in the crowd is, they might not be a couple. Check out the funny footage below to see the man’s awesome response when he and the woman next to him get selected to kiss in front of everyone…

When this man and the young woman sitting next to him get featured on the Minnesota Gophers Kiss Cam, he pulls a sign out of his pocket and lifts it up into the air.


Adam Martin, is a life-long Gopher hockey fan who decided to bring his sister to the hockey game against Michigan. It was a Friday night, and just happened to be Valentine’s Day.

Because he knew that he was taking his sister to a game on Valentine’s Day, he joked with her about making a sign in preparation for the Kiss Cam.

“The day of the game I was at work in the afternoon getting ready to leave,” Martin explains, “I decided to print the sign that said ‘My Sister’ with an arrow, knowing I’d be in seat nine and she’d be in seat ten.”

Check out the video to see the story behind the kiss cam stunt and to see the action for yourself!


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