They Document Their Kitten’s Growth With The Supervision Of A Japanese Superhero

It’s not easy to deal with the fact that your tiny kitten will eventually grow up, and even Ultraman knows how it feels. In an adorable photo series documented by Japanese Twitter user @shlml, the Japanese superhero is seen nurturing his wee ginger fluffball into a big catloaf.

Even though Ultraman had to take numerous breaks from his busy schedule saving the world from monsters and aliens, he did superb job with the kitty – the lovely ginger grew up to be a big, healthy feline. Just look at Ultraman’s loving eyes – his love is unconditional!

This kitten was just as small as Ultraman when the Japanese superhero started babysitting it

Kitten And Ultraman1

The kitten kept getting bigger but the superhero was determined to stay by its side…

Kitten And Ultraman2

Though the cat is massive now, Ultraman is not planning to leave it anytime soon. His kitty will be safe no matter what!

Kitten And Ultraman3


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