This Kitten Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get This Baby Deer’s Attention

When a young cat crossed paths with a fawn hanging out on her porch, the fawn stared blankly as if the cat wasn’t even there.

She demanded some attention.
kitten wants fawns attention

kitten wants fawns attention

She decided that two could play at that game.
kitten wants fawns attention

But quickly changed her mind.
kitten wants fawns attention

And came back for another round.
kitten wants fawns attention
While many believe that lonely fawns have been abandoned, most of the time they’re just waiting for their moms to return.

Fawns will wait in a location for hours while their mother is away. “They don’t wander off like a kid in a shopping mall,” New York state wildlife rehabilitator Denise Arnold told The Dodo.

If you find a fawn in your backyard, it’s best for you and your cat to leave him or her alone. A mother deer will probably come back in a few hours looking for her child, but if you believe the fawn has truly been abandoned, contact a local wildlife rehabilitator.


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