Why This Little Lamb Wears Shades Everywhere He Goes, The Reason Is Completely Unexpected

These adorable photos show Flash the lamb with his UV sunglasses, a tiny lamb who has to wear sheep SUNGLASSES to protect its eyes. Three-week-old Flash suffers from uveitis, a painful condition which makes his right eye sore, red and ultra-sensitive to bright light.Since being diagnosed at three days old, the little lamb has undergone a course of antibiotics and eye drops to reduce the inflammation. But looking at the sun is still painful – so letting Flash out to graze during the day without eye protection is not an option.

Flash is your average, everyday lamb … with the exception of one special accessory. Just three weeks old, Flash experienced complications with one of his eyes shortly after birth. Thankfully, his owner came up with a clever solution.
lamb who wear sunglasses
We noticed something wrong with one of his eyes after he was rejected by mom,” said owner Taya Dutt. “He has uveitis due to an infection of unknown origin – the eye is no longer inflamed after a course of antibiotics and eyedrops – but the bright sunlight can cause him pain so a pair of sunglasses solves the problem!”
lamb who wear sunglasses
This little lamb is saying farewell to harmful UV rays and hello to a bright future!
lamb who wear sunglasses


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