12 Lipstick Nail Designs You Have To Try Yourself

Almond, coffin, stiletto, square, oval, rounded square and now…lipstick! These designs are just some examples of how great this nail shape can make almost anything look! And of course you can never have too much glitter! So get your clippers out and try this nail shape for yourself!

1. The perfect amount of bling on these yellow nails!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs1

2. Some bedazzle and bold colors!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs2

3. Cheetah print matte nails look great with this nail shape!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs3

4. A perfect mermaid green nail with some gold accent!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs4

5. Cream nails with a simple black deco accent!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs5

6. These nails are for a girl you shouldn’t mess with!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs6

7. These nails have real flair with the edge of the nail extending!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs7

8. Even these edgy nails can be cute with polka dots!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs8

9. Add some negative space to this look!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs9

10. These elegant nails couldn’t look any better with all the glimmer and sparkle!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs10

11. This nail looks great with some of the dazzle from the accent nail trickling onto the middle nail!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs11

12. Try some colored glitter polish on one and a half of your nails!

Lipstick-Style Nail Designs12


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