This Is What Happens When Liquid Nitrogen Is Thrown In Your Face

Liquid Nitrogen is something many kids have dreamed of playing with after it’s explanation in science class, and why wouldn’t it be? A liquid that is so absurdly cold it can freeze everything we know about in a very short time? Please, like you didn’t think of what all you could do with it either!

Well, The King of Random had posted a video up on You Tube a little while back about an experiment in which he used liquid nitrogen to fill a balloon, and when it popped many of the viewers expressed some deep concern for his lack of safety goggles when dealing with the super-cold fluid and his response is beautifully hilarious.

Instead of just wearing safety goggles from then on he decided to throw a cup of liquid nitrogen into his face to disprove the myth that it would freeze his face instantly. What happens instead is just as cool, but much less gory:


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