Puppy Who Was Abandoned After House Fire Gets Adopted By This Awesome Fireman

Jake’s story is unbelievable!  After being caught in a house fire and rescued by firefighters, his family took him to the vet.  They abandoned him forever because they didn’t want anything to do with a burned and scarred puppy. Thankfully, his story doesn’t end there…

Jake’s family abandoned him after he was badly burned in a house fire.
little jake 1

The puppy was only a few weeks old at the time. He was so confused and scared…
little jake 2

Jake made a full recovery after a couple weeks of rehab, but his scars remained.
little jake 3

The firefighter who rescued Jake, couldn’t stand the thought of the dog being anywhere else, so he adopted him.
little jake 4

Now Jake hangs out at the fire station with his new dad. 🙂
little jake 5

He’s the official mascot of the department, traveling around with firefighters to assist with fire safety lectures at schools.
little jake 6

Jake was even sworn in by the city as an official member of the fire department!
little jake 7

As Jake continues his training to become a therapy dog, he does plenty in the meantime to make a difference. 🙂
little jake 8

The beginning of his life was a sad story, but Jake’s in a better place now than ever. He continues to inspire and make a positive impact while surrounded by people who love him.


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