A Wolf Sneaks Up On This Veteran. What Happens When He Turns Around Is Incredible…

In service of our country, thousands of brave men and women travel to far off lands and find themselves in often unthinkable situations. When they return home, it’s difficult to adjust from where they’ve been and what they’ve seen. It can also be extremely hard to talk about. Therapy can be the answer for many, but the road to recovery is different for everyone, and very long. Thankfully, many organizations are stepping forward with novel approaches to easing the burden of PTSD, often through the use of animals, such as dogs or horses.

Warriors and Wolves is a program run by Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in California utilizes an animal you might not think would be particularly good for the job: the wolf. These vulnerable yet fierce animals help the vets get back in touch with nature in a big way. In turn, these returning veterans know they’re doing some real good back home, which can also make a big difference.


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