She Found A Live Lobster In The Grocery Store, What She Did Next Was Unbelievable

The last thing you expect to do when you make a trip to the grocery store is save a life, especially one that most people tend to overlook – a lobster’s. Lobsters, even rare ones, don’t get the same amount of love or attention that other animals do. There are countless animal rescue stories out there, including rescues of exotic animals, such as otters, lions, bears, and even turtles. However, there probably isn’t another story like this about a lobster, which is why it is so special.

It was just a day like any other when Christine Loughead met her lobster. While shopping at her local grocery store in North Ontario, she spotted the special guy, all alone and awaiting his fate, and immediately jumped into action. She told BuzzFeed Canada that she was “standing in the meat section, which is kind of depressing as vegans to be standing around all these dead bodies of animals” when she saw the lobster she later named Lobby Joe.

With the help of her boyfriend and Beth Kent, whom Loughead had connected with through a Facebook group for Halifax vegans and vegetarians, she got to work trying to figure out how she would get her new friend back home. They decided to ship him closer to where Kent lived, who would then drive an hour to meet Lobby Joe and get him back home to the Atlantic Ocean. Lobby Joe is one lucky lobster. It’s not often you see an act of kindness like this! This is how Lobby Joe looked when Loughead first saw him. It was just meant to be.

lobster rescue 1

She decided then and there to rescue him. Guess how much she paid for him? A whopping $20.23.

lobster rescue 2

Once they got him home, they cut the rubber bands and Lobby Joe was finally free to pinch away!

lobster rescue 3

That is one happy, good-looking lobster, if I do say so myself.

lobster rescue 4

Lobby Joe looked like he enjoyed his new home away from home.

lobster rescue 5

Talk about an unusual pet!

lobster rescue 6

Once seat-belts were fastened and Lobby Joe was secured, Loughead and her boyfriend set off to the UPS location in Winnipeg. It was a long, six-hour drive, but it was the closest place that was willing to ship a live animal.

lobster rescue 7

To prep him for the journey, Loughead carefully filled a styrofoam cooler with ice packs and newspaper and placed Lobby Joe inside. She also made sure the cooler was clearly labeled.

lobster rescue 8

Once in Halifax, Lobby Joe met Kent for the first (and hopefully last) time! Kent was afraid he would not make it to her alive.

lobster rescue 9

Kent helped Lobby Joe with the last leg of his return trip home. What a harrowing journey it had been for him. Kent told BuzzFeed Canada, “I had a ball with it. God bless [Loughead] for going to that extreme.”

lobster rescue 10

Let’s all celebrate Lobby Joe’s successful return home!

lobster rescue 11

Watch the video below to see Lobby Joe’s incredible journey home to the Atlantic Ocean!


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