Homeless Teen Finally Reunites With Long-Lost Sister, But That’s Not Where The Story Ends…

Logan Hunt has had a rough life, but things are finally looking up for the 19-year-old.

As a toddler, formerly named Seth Miller, Logan was put up for adoption, but after a hurtful failed adoption in childhood, he spent the next decade in and out of multiple foster homes. Upon reaching the age of 18, he aged out of the foster-care system and found himself homeless. Living out of his car, the young teen was sad, angry, and in desperate need of love and affection.

The young teen life was difficult, but he wished for one thing — a family, even if he had to “live in a box.”

That’s when something incredible happened to Logan, who had become bitter and hopeless at too young of an age.

After a story about Logan aired on television, an unexpected turn of events occurred. It just so happened that incredibly, his long-lost biological sister, who had also been adopted, recognized him in the story.

Cheyenne Hunt and her adopted family then invited him over for Thanksgiving. The reunion between the two siblings was emotional, but that wasn’t the best part.

Ever since Logan was reunited with his sister, he’s been staying with the Hunts ever since. The Hunts gave him something that he desperately yearned for — a place called home.

Speaking about his new family, Logan said, “It felt strong, it felt in place, and it felt like home.”

In October 2014, exactly one year after Logan has moved in with the Hunts, the family had an emotional court day to officially seal the deal. The family has renamed him from Seth Miller to Logan Hunt, as a way of starting anew.

“From the first time I saw the interview, I knew he was a part of our family. We’re just doing this to make it legal,” Mr. Hunt said tearfully before a judge.

A beautiful story about an incredible reunion between two siblings. I find it incredible that the Hunts were able to do something so selfless. They not only changed Logan’s life, they gave him something no one else could — a loving family.

Truly beautiful people inside and out. Bless their hearts.


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