Giant Dog Finally Finds His Forever Home After Owner Gets Evicted From Apartment

Loki, an 8-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff, was taken in by animal control after his owner was evicted from their apartment. Being a very large dog, looks a little scary upon first glance.

Animal control officers were so afraid of Loki, that they shot him with a dart to sedate him. He was then wheeled into the shelter on a stretcher.

Two days after arriving, Loki was set to be put down without being given a chance. Luckily, his former owner heard and came in to tell them how Loki’s looks are deceiving, and that he’s really just a gentle giant.

Loki was also suffering at the shelter because he had no one to play with, couldn’t take walks and needed medical care. That’s when Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped in to help…

Even the rescue admitted he’s a tad intimidating but that he quickly won them over. As more and more people came in contact with him, he proved to everyone how loving and sweet he really is.

Loki was treated for ear infections, skin infections and heartworms. Shortly after, the adoption applications started rolling in! And when his new parents showed up, it was love at first sight! 🙂


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