16 Of The Largest Maine Coon Cats You Will Ever See

Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic breeds of cats in the world. In 2010, Stewie the cat entered the Guinness Book of Records — he was 123 cm from nose to tail. These enormous felines can weigh up to 16 kg. The reasons for their impressive size has yet to be understood. There are some who even believe that these enigmatic animals could be cross between a cat and a raccoon!

Here are 16 photos showing the full beauty and size of these impressive, unusual animals.

The dogs on the street are going to have heart attacks when they meet him!
Maine Coons1

Just try denying this guy food when he wants it…
Maine Coons2

Or her!
Maine Coons3

That looks like a great way to strengthen your abs!
Maine Coons4

What you looking at, pal?
Maine Coons5

Mufasa is no longer what he was…
Maine Coons6

As puffy (and as big) as a cloud!
Maine Coons7

Stroke me…I told you to stroke me!
Maine Coons8

Just you try and startle me…
Maine Coons9

They still laze around like regular cats — they just take up more space!
Maine Coons10

There’s no need for a guard dog when you’ve got one of these…
Maine Coons11

That’s one mean kitty!
Maine Coons12

He clearly weighs a tonne and she’s going to drop him at any second…
Maine Coons13

Mine! All this snow is mine!
Maine Coons14

Just like in The Lion King!
Maine Coons15

Enormous cat = mega-cuteness
Maine Coons16


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