Everyone Wrote Him Off As A Bum, But One Woman Does Something To Help Him…

When Kenyada Waters saw a homeless man holding a sign on the side of the road asking for work, she approached him with her business card.  She offered him some small odd jobs, until he explained that his real problem wasn’t that simple.

Richard said he had worked as a tree climber for 20 years before losing his job. Passersby called him names and assumed he was lazy, while in reality, he applied for numerous jobs without success.
man needs work 1

Eventually, Richard’s cell phone was cut off because he could no longer afford to pay the bill, prospective employers had no way to contact him. So Kenyada knew exactly what she had to do, she took him to the AT&T store and paid for his cell phone for the next two months!
man needs work 2

Richard was so grateful, he started crying in the middle of the store.
man needs work 3

When Kenyada and Richard sat at lunch a few hours later, his brand-new phone lit up with a text from a job he had applied for, saying he might have work in a few short weeks.
man needs work 4
Thanks to small one act of kindness, Richard was on the right track to getting back on his feet.  She had some advice for other people who might find themselves in her situation: “Stop judging the homeless and struggling! Not everyone is lazy and an addict; it might be you one day. Extend your hand, don’t point it.”


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