Recycle Your Old Media Cabinet Into A Beautiful Armoire

With everything getting slimmer and more compact, many media cabinets have become obsolete. While it is a terrible shame to throw out perfectly good furniture, they take up way too much space in a home. Mary, from the blog Orphans with Makeup, saw the potential in the media cabinet that she owned. She had purchased it secondhand – specifically to repurpose it into something new. While the previous owners saw an old, antiquated piece of furniture, Mary saw a beautiful armoire beneath it.

“I purchased this media cabinet quite a while ago and was waiting for the perfect project to try out Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint,” she wrote in her post.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire1

“With a little bit of work, they can easily be transformed into storage armoires and utilized in almost any room in your house. They provide lots of storage and can be painted to match your decor,” she added.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire2

The previous owner of Mary’s media cabinet had cut a sizeable hole in the back for heat dissipation and access. So, Mary removed the entire back panel and replaced it with plywood.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire3

Here it is with the new plywood backing. Because the final product was going to be an armoire, she also removed all the different compartments and the lazy Susan that once supported the television. In their places, she installed two plain, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) shelves.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire4

At the bottom right corner of the unit, there were three slide-out shelves. Using MDF, she made drawers and affixed them to the slide-out shelves with brad nails.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire5

Then came the time to paint. As Mary had mentioned earlier, she has wanted to try Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for a while now, and she chose Shutter Gray and Grainsack for this project. First, she applied two coats of Shutter Gray, then topped it with two coats of Grainsack.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire6

“After drying (about one hour), I used a combination of wet distressing with a pot scrubber and then some distressing with a sand block to expose the two colors and also to expose some of the wood,” she explained in her post.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire7

When the painting was done, she applied varathane to the interior to seal it, followed by an application of clear wax.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire8

New hardware replaced the old knobs on the doors. The color really matched the wood that peaked out from underneath the paint.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire9

Next, she added in some “pretties,” as she called them, inside the armoire.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire10

Towels, throw pillows, and elegant china are perfect for this beautiful, repurposed unit.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire11

The final product is absolutely stunning! The tray of floral arrangement sitting on top really ties it all together.

Media Cabinet Turns To Armoire12


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