Customer Upset That Clerk Gave Veteran A Discount. His Reply Was Priceless

(I work at a clothing department store. We don’t offer a discount to our military, but we do have deals going on all the time. I overhear a customer speaking as if he has a military background. He eventually comes up to the counter.)

Me: “Hi, I couldn’t help but overhear, but what branch are you?”

Military Customer: “I am in the Marine Corps. I did a tour in Iraq for a while.”

Me: “In that case, I can see that you forgot your coupon! That’s not a problem; we’ll take 30% off for you!”

(The next customer behind him starts yelling.)

Next Customer: “I deserve my 30% off!”

(The next customer begins to yell.)

Next Customer: “You gave that discount to him! Why can’t I get the discount?”

(The military customer calmly walks over and takes off his prosthetic left arm. The next customer’s eyes get really large.)

Military Customer: “Don’t worry, the 30% discount only costs an arm and a leg; give or take a bit.”

(The next customer flees without buying anything. Thank you to all of our militaries, and especially the ones with great humor!)

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