Poor Mother Approaches Him With Her Children, Begging For Change So They Can Eat…

He was not sure what to do when the little girl said this in front of him to her mom. But what he did for these strangers is priceless.

I had a mother approach me with her two kids a few months ago. She asked for some change and I gave her afew bills. She thanked me and then her daughter looked up and said something to the effect of “I guess we can eat tonight.” It took me 2 seconds to decide on what I needed to do.

I took them grocery shopping. I didn’t even do shopping for myself that month yet, but I said whatever. I got the mother in touch with a social worker at my facility and ASSURED her they would not take her kids away. They would help her in the meantime until she got up on her feet. I still talk with the family and the kids are doing fine.

Random act of kindness


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