We’ve All Been Playing Monopoly Wrong By Ignoring One Rule That Completely Changes The Game

I’ve played Monopoly probably hundreds of times, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually read the rules.

The classic board game, which was released in 1935, has been a staple on family game nights for decades.

Because almost everyone has played Monopoly, nobody really ever reads the rules anymore. In fact, most of us just learn how to play the game from our friends and family.

But if you’ve ever actually sat down and read through all the rules, you might be surprised to find that there are certain ones that people just ignore.

This includes one that is baffling people all over the world: the auction rule.

Normally, when people play Monopoly, one person rolls the dice and moves their piece. If they land on a property, they decide whether or not they want to buy it. Then, the next person rolls the dice.

But that’s apparently not how the game is actually supposed to be played.

monopoly auction rule

On November 20, 2017, Twitter user Ruben shared an often-ignored Monopoly rule.

People who saw his tweet were baffled; over 1,900 people liked the tweet and over 300 people shared it.

monopoly auction rule

Ruben wrote:

When someone lands on a property in Monopoly & they don’t buy it, IT GOES TO AUCTION for any player to buy.


monopoly auction rule

If you’re thinking, what?! you’re not alone.

Tons of people are shocked by this rule since they’d never heard about it before.

monopoly auction rule

Some people started questioning whether Ruben was telling the truth, but he definitely was.

The official Hasbro Monopoly rules state very clearly that there is an auction stage.

monopoly auction rule

The rules state:

BUYING PROPERTY… Whenever you land on an unowned property you may buy that property from the Bank at its printed price.

You receive the Title Deed card showing ownership; place it face up in front of you.

monopoly auction rule

If you do not wish to buy the property, the Banker sells it at auction to the highest bidder.

The buyer pays the Bank the amount of the bid in cash and receives the Title Deed card for that property. Any player, including the one who declined the option to buy it at the printed price, may bid. Bidding may start at any price.

monopoly auction rule

This information has left thousands of people shaken.

Did you have any idea this rule existed?

monopoly auction rule

The benefit of this auction rule is that it speeds up the game a lot.

Instead of having to wait for someone else to land on the property, it immediately gets sold to the highest bidder.

monopoly auction rule

The rule also helps keep trading to a minimum.

I don’t know about you, but anyway to speed up Monopoly is good in my book!

monopoly auction rule

Will you play with the auction rule next time?

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