How To Make Your Own Moon Lamp

Moon lamps have become a real trend recently, and understandably so: just imagine the mysteriously magical atmosphere of a dark room illuminated by its own full moon.

You will need:

  • a big balloon (a ball of thin rubber will also work)
  • glue
  • paper towels
  • a felt-tip pen and some plastic dishes
  • a lamp with a socket
  • a brush
  • a rough sponge
  • ochre and ivory acrylic paints

Moon Lamp1

How to make it:
1. First of all, inflate the balloon and draw a circle around the knot with a felt-tip pen, as shown in the picture. The balloon should be round, not oblong.

Moon Lamp2

2. Cover the balloon with white glue after diluting it 1:1 in water. You can plunge the balloon into the glue, as in the picture, or paint it with a brush.

Moon Lamp3

3. Use the brush to cover the balloon with pieces of paper towel in what is called the papier-mache technique. When finished, brush away all imperfections from the whole surface of the balloon. Glue pieces of paper towel onto it twice more — this will make the balloon hard and opaque.

Moon Lamp4

4. When the balloon is dry, paint it with ivory acrylic paint or any other similar color. For example, you can mix white and ochre paints to get this color.

5. Find a sponge with large pores — they are essential for creating the moon surface effect. Dip the sponge into the ochre paint and stamp it over the whole balloon. Apply more force in some places, and stamp the layer on twice in others — ’draw’ your moon using pictures on the Internet to get a realistic pattern.

Moon Lamp5

6. When your moon is dry, use a knife to cut out the circle you marked at the beginning. Remove the balloon from the shape so that only the patterned paper is left. Place a lamp with a socket inside the moon, or ’dress’ your floor lamp into it — it’s your call.

Turn the lights off. Now you can enjoy the warm ochre glow of your very own moon!

Moon Lamp6


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