Cashier Tells Customer How She Lost Her Son In Car Crash Few Years Ago…


It was Mother’s Day probably 2006 or 2007….

I went to the grocery store to pick a few items before I went to my childhood home (about 100 miles away)….I also picked up a card and a rose to give to my mother.

As I went to checkout, a middle-aged woman was working the register. I heard her take a big sigh as I placed my items on the counter, and she asked if the flower and card were for my mother, and I replied yes. I noticed she got a little teary-eyed, and she went on to explain how she wished she still had a son to get her something for Mothers Day. He had died a few years earlier in a car crash. She said I really reminded her of him, in my mannerisms and physical features. We finished the transaction, and I walked out.

On my way to the car, I just couldn’t get over this interaction. I put my stuff away and then walked back in. I grabbed another rose and went back to the same checkout line.

She smiled as I came around again, and laughed as she asked if I had forgotten one for Grandma or something. I said no, this is yours, Happy Mother’s Day. She completely broke down, so did I. I gave her a hug and said your son would love to do this himself, but I’ll do it for him. I walked out, crying like a child.


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