12 Nail Art Designs That Are Easy To Do, Yet Look Like They Took Hours

Some nail designs are hours of work and they look like it. There are spas that do nail art that would rival anything you would find at a museum; however, for the rest of us who don’t have that kind of time and patience, things have to be simple. These nail designs are super easy to do yet they look like they took hours!

1. Keep Calm And Sponge On

A sponge can be your new best friend when it comes to nail art. This can be a base for any other design you want to try.
nail art design

2. That “Just Out ‘Da Pool” Look

A glossy nail polish dripped over matte polish in the same color creates this effect. If you can make dots, you can make realistic-looking drops.
nail art design

3. Four Colors: No Juggling Here

Though four colors looks complicated, it’s actually really simple. The key is to let each color fully dry before applying the next one.
nail art design

4. Become A Fan Of The Fan Brush

This is so easy, a monkey could do it. Load a fan brush you don’t care about with some polish of your choice. Brush on your polish in a horizontal pattern and wipe off the excess for a sexy splatter pattern to rival a decal.
nail art design

5. You Poke Those Dots

Polka dots are easy to do, but flowers are too and they don’t seem that way. Make four or five dots in a circle with the color you like best and let dry. Find a color for the center of your flower and dot each polka dot circle to complete the image. So easy!
nail art design

6. Hearts Are Easier With Polish Than A Pen

Hearts can be tricky to create when free-handing on paper but they are a breeze on a nail. The polish is thick enough to be easy to work with in a small space so grab a toothpick and start dippin’.
nail art design

7. Lookin’ Like A Day At A Spa In Minutes

Fishnets could be a huge pain to draw yourself. Stencil these babies with mesh from packaging; fruit often comes in a mesh sack that makes for a great pattern for your mani.
nail art design

8. Christmas Is Always Around The Corner If You Think About It

This much cute should be illegal. A string and some polish can make any mani into a festive, Christmas conversation piece. Troll your friends and wear these in July.
nail art design

9. How’d You Get All That Cool On ‘Dem Nails

Any color combination can look impossibly difficult if it’s peeking through a solid color like black. Once you’ve dried your base colors, place tape in a pattern you like and paint it black like the Rolling Stones. Pull your tape off and throw on a top coat. Done!
nail art design

10. Foil Me Softly

Nothing shines quite the way foil does on a nail. Shiny polishes and sparkles never quite get the texture right but there is a way. Try applying your foil after a clear coat. Work it down around your nail bed and cut off the excess.
nail art design

11. The Quicker Picker-Upper Can Do This Too!

This is another awesome function of paper towel. The texture is thick in some spots and thinner in others so when you apply polish to the back, only some bleeds through leaving a fabulous effect.
nail art design

12. Texting Is Not Just For Phones

Few things look as difficult as this text print and yet, nothing could be easier. This process involves using alcohol to transfer the print to your nail and the effect is pretty spectacular. Just think of all the images you could use here! The possibilities are endless!
nail art design


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