Old Antique Blanket Turns Out To Be A National Treasure

Imagine having some old blanket laying around and then being told maybe it was actually worth something. So, what the heck, you take it down to the Antiques Roadshow and see if you can get a few bucks for it.

This was the case with Ted who took his blanket to the show, and was told that the blanket he’s been using for various purposes around the house was actually…a national treasure!

national treasure blanket 1

He’s had it for years and it was passed down from generation after generation. It was an old blanket and when Ted found out the Antiques Roadshow was coming to town, he realized now was the time to finally have this thing appraised.

Donald Ellis took one look at his blanket, and was blown away. He actually said, “I almost died.”

First he wanted Ted to tell him how he got hold of this amazing find.

national treasure blanket 2

The blanket was first passed onto the foster father of his grandmother by Kit Carson. He did believe that it was probably owned by a chief, but he didn’t realize that it was a Navajo Chief’s Ute First Blanket.

Now it was time for the worth. A few hundred? A couple thousand maybe? Ellis tells Ted that on a BAD day, the blanket could go for… $350,000! Now on a good day we are talking half of a million dollars! Yep, he’s had a potential $500,000 lying around his house all this time.

As if that’s not enough, if they can authenticate that it indeed is a Kit Carson Ute, the value goes up 20% higher!

national treasure blanket 3

Totally crazy, right? Your whole life you have a national treasure worth half a million right under you nose!


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