Mom Painted A Grey Block On The Wall, But What She Did After Is Beyond Amazing

When this mom realized that her two sons had become too old for their playroom, she wanted to turn it into something they would always enjoy. With her husband’s help and a lot of hard work, she made into the most amazing room ever.

The mom, Rorie, started out by drawing up her plan as a blueprint.

Nintendo Room1

The next step of the project was painting one of the room’s walls grey.

Nintendo Room2

Things were progressing rather quickly. Does this look familiar yet?

Nintendo Room3

Instead of simply painting on the directional pad, Rorie made a cut-out.

Nintendo Room4

The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console only had two buttons on the right side, not four. But when you’re doing a project this awesome, you can take some artistic liberties.

Nintendo Room5

Cords were placed in a 1.5″ diameter sheathing to keep the room organized and uncluttered.

Nintendo Room6

Soon, this entertainment center, originally purchased from Overstock, would get some amazing modifications.

Nintendo Room7

A bottom was added, the design was blocked off, and the whole structure was painted to resemble the NES. Oh, and we can’t forget the perfectly-angled flat screen TV!

Nintendo Room8

She even labeled the buttons. Nice!

Nintendo Room9

Here she is, gazing upon her glorious creation.

Nintendo Room10

If you needed proof that gaming can bring people together, here it is.

Nintendo Room11

Let’s step back a little and take one last look at it!

Nintendo Room12

Rorie’s kids are lucky to have such a creative and caring mom. If I had this in my house, I would never want to leave!


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