He Restored A Stranded Driver’s Faith In Humanity

We were not taught to hate or judge or discriminate. We are all people. We all need the same things.

Sitting at a red light in Clifton and a car a few cars in front of me was parked in the middle of a major intersection and a man got out looking distressed. He began asking the other cars around something, and I noticed that they had all rolled up their windows as he approached them. I put my car in park and go out to ask if he was okay.

He told me he needed money before his car ran out of gas. I gave him the cash in my wallet, and he said: “You’re brave for getting out and helping me.” I chuckled and asked “Why?” He then said, “You’re not scared of me because I’m scary and black?” I said, “Are you scared of me because I’m scary and white?” He said, “No, I was just worried that all hope Is lost in the world, but today you’ve restored my faith.”

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