Woman Witnessed An Officer Rescue A Kitten From The Middle Of The Street

On my way to work at Memorial this morning, I witnessed something…

An officer a bit up ahead of me turned on his blue lights…. and did a relatively quick (but safe) u-turn into oncoming traffic towards me and all of the other work traffic on hwy 49…I immediately stopped and turned on my flashers to block the left lane behind me as I realized what he was doing.

A small kitten, who was still moving but badly and most likely mortally wounded, had been hit by a car:( This big, kind officer (I wish I knew who he was) stopped traffic from repeatedly running over this little guy and removed him from the scene. He started to walk to the grass, but you could see that he didn’t want to just leave him, so he put him in his patrol car and quickly released the traffic.

As I passed him I said, thank you for that, officer…. that was very kind… he merely nodded his head in acknowledgment and proceeded to get into his car.

I wanted to express thanks to him and all other officers that go out of their way for a sensitively kind deed daily beyond the tough and dangerous job that they do to serve and protect their communities. It was a tragedy to see the little kitten in peril but truly beautiful to witness such a thoughtful act of sensitivity and kindness.

officer saves kitten

Despite the crime and danger, he deals with every day; this police officer made an effort to help even the smallest of creatures. Chances are, your local cop would have done the same thing.

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