12 Creative Ways To Transform An Old Dresser

If you’ve got an old dresser lying around the house, here are 12 brilliant ideas for DIY projects to bring new life to it and give it a new purpose. Best of all, these are all easy enough for just about anyone to attempt.

1. Kitchen Island
old dresser ideas

A kitchen island is so useful to have for added storage and counter space. If you’ve always dreamed of having an island, but couldn’t bring yourself to spring a few hundred bucks for the furniture store model, this project is a dream come true.

2. Dog Bed
old dresser ideas

Spoil your favorite furry friend by making them a comfortable space to unwind worthy of royalty.

3. Accent Bench
old dresser ideas

Turn an old dresser into an adorable (and functional) accent piece! A little paint, some elbow grease, and some cute cushions, you can’t go wrong.

4. Dollhouse
old dresser ideas

If you ever had to buy toys for a little girl, you’ll quickly realize that dollhouses are crazy expensive. Make the kids happy without breaking the bank with this project that turns an old dresser into a gorgeous dollhouse.

5. Coffee Station
old dresser ideas

If you, like millions of other adults across the world, worship the glorious entity that is caffeine with a semi-religious fervor every morning, why not turn an old dresser into a coffee station? The Coffee Gods will be pleased with your new altar, and verily they shalt provide copious energy while warding away jitters and heartburn.

6. Entertainment Center
old dresser ideas

It doesn’t take a whole lot more than a good coat of paint and some imagination to convert a dresser into an entertainment station. The dresser drawers and shelves transition from storing old socks to DVD’s quite naturally.

7. Mud Room Storage
old dresser ideas

Even though it’s called a “mud” room, you still don’t want a big ol’ mess in it. This unique project took a dresser and turned it into a combination coat rack/bench/storage space. How’s that for multi-tasking?

8. Rolling Beverage Station
old dresser ideas

Much like the coffee station, this is a great idea to keep various beverages (alcoholic and otherwise) stored safely and stylishly. This project is especially great with summer coming up, so that you and your guests can easily enjoy fresh drinks outdoors.

9. Bathroom Sink
old dresser ideas

If you’re feeling a little more accomplished and adventurous with your DIY, why not try turning a dresser into a sink? This is definitely not a project for total beginners to start with since it also involves plumbing work, but it’s definitely worth a try.

10. Indoor/Outdoor Garden
old dresser ideas

Don’t have much yard space (or any at all), but still wanna use your green thumb? Convert a used dresser into a DIY planter. You can put it outside to maximize vertical space in your tiny yard, or bring it indoors! This could easily be the most interesting conversation piece in just about any home.

11. Kitchen Hutch
old dresser ideas

ust like kitchen islands, kitchen hutches are also not cheap to buy. Apparently, it just costs a lot to buy storage for your kitchen, which is why DIY solutions are often centered around the kitchen.

12. Window Bench
old dresser ideas

Turn a dresser into a cute little bench and place it by a window to create the ultimate reading/relaxing nook. You can even keep your books in the drawers!


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