Upcycled Kid’s Toys Turn Into Cool Projects

Everyone has some plastic toys at home. We don’t need them anymore, but it’s such a pity to throw them out.

If you want to clear some space, save old treasured toys, and at the same time decorate your house, you can give a new life to old things.

Fridge magnets

old plastic toys1
A good idea for those who like leaving love notes on the fridge.


old plastic toys2
Let books have their own place. Old plastic toys can become convenient bookends.

Photo holders

old plastic toys3
These cute photo holders can make the pictures from your vacation look even better.

Bright jar tops

old plastic toys4
Now all you need is to decide what you’d like to store in each jar.


old plastic toys5
These flowerpots can be a wonderful decoration for your child’s room.


old plastic toys6
Fans of unusual accessories will surely like this idea.

Drawer knobs

old plastic toys7
Your children will like these funny knobs.

Picture frame

old plastic toys8
This is how to make a photo frame look really cool.


old plastic toys9
Old toys can be a great decoration for any item.

Snow globe

old plastic toys10
We showed you how to make this cute snow globe in a previous article.


old plastic toys11
The plastic toys will help you to light up the party!

Wall hooks

old plastic toys12
These hooks will surely help you to keep everything in order.


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