She Grabs A Drill And Makes Several Holes In A Tree Stump To Create A Beautiful Planters

There’s something about creating a beautiful display of flowers or a blooming garden that is therapeutic on many levels. The mental and physical energy that goes into the activity provides good exercise, and the added beauty brightens up each day. Gardening has been linked to lowered stress levels, too, which is always a good thing.

Choosing what kinds of plants you’ll grow and display isn’t the only way to get creative with gardening, either. With all plants, you need somewhere for them to grow, like a hanging planter or cool concrete pot. But, what if both of those containers aren’t exactly your style? Maybe you’d like to keep it a little more natural.

If that’s the case, we’ve got the perfect planter for you: log planters.

old stumps turns into planters1

If you’ve got a tree stump you need to remove or a fallen log on your hands, you have all the raw material you need to make a gorgeous planter.

old stumps turns into planters2

The idea is simple, but the effect is stunning.

old stumps turns into planters3

All you need to do is hollow out your log or stump, either along the length or in the middle. Then, fill it will potting soil and your chosen plants … and voilĂ !

old stumps turns into planters4

old stumps turns into planters5

It’s also a good idea to seal any parts of the planter that will get wet when you water the plants it holds. This will help delay any rotting.

old stumps turns into planters6

These gorgeous planters are great for both inside and outside. When left outside, they almost look like a naturally occurring bit of beauty.

old stumps turns into planters7

You can still keep your more traditional pots, too; these log planters look like they belong with even the nicest piece of glazed pottery.

old stumps turns into planters8

The great thing about these rustic planters is that they look great with any kind of greenery you choose. Grasses, vines, and herbs all suit a log planter.

old stumps turns into planters9

And even the most colorful collection of flowers seem right at home inside a hollowed-out log.

old stumps turns into planters10

Just because they’re natural and rustic doesn’t mean they have to be boring in design, either; this train planter made from logs is fun and functional!

old stumps turns into planters11

And what about a tree that’s still growing? You don’t have to chop anything down to create a one-of-a-kind trunk planter. Take advantage of a still-standing tree with a hollow space in the trunk to attractively house succulents.

old stumps turns into planters12


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