11 Amazing Ideas On How To Reuse Tea Cups

If you have a lot of old cups that you no longer use, but for some reason you haven’t thrown them out, don’t be in a hurry to do it now. You can still find a use for your favorite cups and saucers, and you can use them to refresh your home’s interior.

Here are 11 ideas on how to use old dishes and free up space on your shelves.

Teacup chandelier

old tea set1
Here you’ll find the tutorial that’ll help you to create this lovely chandelier.

Candles in teacups

old tea set2
These candles will create a cozy atmosphere in your house.

old tea set3
And this candle looks pretty romantic, doesn’t it?

Teacups for jewelry storage

old tea set4
This way of storing accessories will please any woman. It looks beautiful, and you don’t need to search for hours for your earrings.

old tea set5
To make a jewelry organizer, you’ll need 2 cups, 3 saucers, and this tutorial.

Bird feeder

old tea set6
Here you can learn how to please your feathered friends with a nice bird feeder.

Pin cushion

old tea set7
In this blog you’ll find a detailed instruction on how to sew this lovely pin cushion.

Tiny flowerpots

old tea set8
Don’t throw away even the most boring cups, because you can turn them into cute flowerpots for your little plants.

old tea set9
This festive table design will not only help your guests to find their seats, but it will also make them smile.

A sweet display

old tea set10
Those who have a sweet tooth can get some tea party inspiration here.

A tea set lamp

old tea set11
It’s easy to make a lamp from teapots if you follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Teacup clock

old tea set12
Those who have small teacups can create this original clock.


old tea set13
If you have some chipped cups, you can turn them into vases. Just follow this instruction.


old tea set14
Here’s a fast and simple way to create candlesticks from a white tea set.


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