She Creates Holes In This Old Pallet. What She Ends Up Making After 5 Months Is Beautiful.

Pallets are built to be sturdy, so they are a favorite upcycling item. Disassembling a pallet is not as simple as it sounds: the wood is thin and well-attached for durability, so trying to take them apart sometimes destroys them. It can be done, however, and disassembling pallets creates a pile of scrap wood that opens up a world of DIY possibilities.

Enter Amy Baesler. This DIY pro is amazing with pallets, and when she decided that she needed a planter for her front yard, she went straight to her pallet wood and began building.

pallet planter box
This project requires two pallets (or 1-by-4-inch wood purchased from a home improvement store), a hole saw, a drill, and screws. A lot of soil will be needed to fill the box; consider reusing packing peanuts as filler if your planter will not be viewed from the back.
pallet planter box
Begin the project by building the legs then attaching the bottom piece. After drilling the holes in the sides, attach those pieces. Finally, add soil and flowers. It will look droopy at first, but in a few weeks the blooms will burst through!
pallet planter box
Amy has provided detailed cut plans and instructions at Her Tool Belt — and a special section on how to disassemble pallets!
pallet planter box
DIYers with a supply of pallets can upcycle them into just about any kind of planter, including a raised bed garden for vegetables, a window herb garden, and a terraced landscape centerpiece. Disassembling is not even necessary to build a beautiful and conveniently vertical garden!

Tip: Some pallets have been chemically treated and are inappropriate for growing food. Learn how to recognize chemically treated pallets so you can avoid using them to grow edibles.


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