You Have Been Peeling Post-It Notes The Wrong Way Your Whole Life

Ever get annoyed when you peel a Post-it note and it curls at the end? From now on, your Post-its will be flat, smooth, and way easier to write on! Here’s how…

Normally, your first instinct is to grab a Post-it and pull it straight up. Unfortunately, this causes the note to curl up towards the top. So, what’s the solution?
How to Peel a Post It Note
Just pull from the side instead of grabbing the bottom and pulling towards the sticky side, grab the side of the Post-it and pull across the sticky side. When you do it this way, you have a nice, flat note.
How to Peel a Post It Note
See for yourself! Here is a side-by-side comparison of the notes. The one that was pulled from the side…is flat!
How to Peel a Post It Note


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