20 Pictures Which Will Convince You That Penguins Are Truly Awesome

Penguins are probably one of the cutest animals on the planet.

Here are 20 photos that will convince you there’s nothing more awesome than penguins!


penguins are awesome1

…What shall we call him?

penguins are awesome2

Stand at attention!

penguins are awesome3

Be careful not to fall over, man, the ice is real slippy today!

penguins are awesome4

…How did I end up here?

penguins are awesome5

The water’s great today!

penguins are awesome6

Time for morning exercise…

penguins are awesome7

We are live from Antarctica. The big story today: it’s very, very cold!

penguins are awesome8

Looks like he had one too many!

penguins are awesome9

I love these front row seats!

penguins are awesome10

Smile for the camera, son! …Did you brush your teeth?

penguins are awesome11

One day, brothers and sisters, we shall learn to fly like all the other birds!

penguins are awesome12

Well, hello there!

penguins are awesome13

Just chillin’…

penguins are awesome14

Surfing time!

penguins are awesome15

Hey pal, send me the picture later, OK?

penguins are awesome16

No traffic jams on the way to work this morning!

penguins are awesome17

Guys, whose turn is it to buy beer?

penguins are awesome18

Never play with him again!

penguins are awesome19

Darling…will you marry me?

penguins are awesome20

Best friends

penguins are awesome21


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