Hope For Paws Rescues A Terrified Stray Dog Who Is Hiding A Big Secret…

Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws posted a rescue story to his Flickr account that will surely tug on your heartstrings. When they received a call about a stray dog who was living near a park for a few months, they immediately went to rescue her.  This stray was hiding a tiny secret. 

“We received a call about Petunia who was living for months near a park where a few people fed her. Lisa Arturo and I rushed to the rescue location and forgot to grab a cheeseburger, and of course Petunia didn’t care for the dry treats we had in my car.”
petunia and petals 1

“I crawled under the truck and introduced myself… I spoke to her without showing a leash or my gentle snare – I wanted to make friends with her.”
petunia and petals 2

“As I reached with my hand, her little tail wagged for a second, and I knew this would be easy.”
petunia and petals 3

“A few seconds went by, and Petunia allowed me to touch her, and she seemed to enjoy human contact.”
petunia and petals 4

“All of a sudden, Petunia got nervous and decided to walk away. Without thinking twice, I grabbed her leg and asked Lisa to hurry up with a leash. This is NOT a good move because she could have bitten me in order to get away, but that’s a risk I was willing to take for her safety. Petunia kicked sand to my face as she was struggling, so I just had to pull her from under the car…”
petunia and petals 5

“Petunia got scared as I pulled her from under the car and straight onto my lap. As you can see – she peed on me, but it was a small price to pay (and I was very lucky she didn’t bite me during these stressful 5 seconds).”
petunia and petals 6

“Lisa placed my Lucky Leash around Petunia so she is safe, and then we realized she was lactating. One of the employees told us she has a baby hidden in the bushes!”
petunia and petals 7

“We heard a puppy crying, and on a pile of leaves we saw Petunia’s baby… a 3 days old female we named Petals.”
petunia and petals 8

“I showed Petunia that her baby is safe, and I asked Lisa to take the puppy to the car and wait while I investigate if there are more puppies anywhere.”
petunia and petals 9

“The employees told us she only had one puppy, but I wanted to make sure. I kept taking Petunia to different spots in the area, and played a YouTube video of crying puppies… I wanted to see if she would lead me to more puppies. No matter where I dropped her, she always took me to the same spot where Petals was found, and after 45 minutes I felt comfortable enough that there are no other puppies.”
petunia and petals 10

“Petunia and Petals sat on Lisa’s lap and immediately relaxed. We had to do another rescue just 20 minutes away from that location, so they joined us.”
petunia and petals 11

“When we arrived at the hospital, both were looked at by a doctor, Petunia needed a quick bath because she was filthy and matted, she also had foxtails inside her ear that caused a bad infection, but overall, both of them are in good health.”
petunia and petals 12

And here’s a video update that was posted to Lisa Arturo’s Facebook page. 🙂


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