Just A Couple Little Secrets Will Help You Look Absolutely Perfect In Photos

Photographs last forever, so no wonder we always want to make sure we look good in them. Thankfully, help doing so is here from Ohio-based photographer Jodee Ball, who has revealed six photography secrets to help you look great in photos every single time.

#1. Strike a carefree pose.
Photo pose

Making an “S” shape with your body is a great pose which makes you look far more relaxed, as it has no ideal symmetry and helps you loose that wooden, soldier-like look. Also, it’s worth paying attention to your arms — it’s better to put only your thumbs in your pockets rather than your entire hand.

#2. Turn your body away from the camera by about three quarters.
Photo pose

If you want to look leaner on camera, avoid straight shoulders, and instead turn your body away from the lens by about three quarters. In the second shot above, the model’s two hands are in view on her hip area, making her look more graceful.

#3. Be careful with your hands
Photo pose

Talking of hands, if you want to touch your face in a photograph, make sure your palm doesn’t face the camera. Instead, it should replicate the contours of your face.

#4. Lower your shoulders.
Photo pose

Lowering your shoulder at an angle will make your neck seem longer and give an overall more relaxed impression. Remember where your hands are! In the second image above, the model’s hands have been placed close to her elbows — this looks a lot better.

#5. Bend your knee.
Photo pose

If you’re being photographed from the side, don’t forget about adopting a pose in the shape of an “S”. Just bend your knee a little and lower your shoulders — this will make you look both slimmer and more relaxed.

#6. Tilt your head slightly.
Photo pose

You will look better in pretty much every photograph provided you don’t stare straight at the camera, and turn your body slightly away from the lens. If you also tilt your head, it makes it look as though you are looking up at the camera from below. This is a simple trick that will work wonders for how well you photograph.


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