14 Delicious Ways To Make Beautiful Pie Crusts

From ubiquitous classics like apple to forgotten favorites like rhubarb custard, there’s a pie for everyone.  But it takes more than a tasty filling to make a good pie. You also need a killer crust. These ideas will help you get your crust game on point and really wow the next family gathering.

1. Simple but awesome, these tiny leaves turn your pie into an edible centerpiece.

pie crust tips1

2. Don’t forget to get creative. Leaves come in many varieties, after all.

pie crust tips2

3. There’s always the old standby, the lovely lattice.

pie crust tips3

4. But you can even spice that up a bit, with a herringbone pattern.

pie crust tips4

5. Or if you’re really ambitious, even an out-there spiralled design.

pie crust tips5

6. Don’t forget the basics, like crimping your crust edges.

pie crust tips6

7. But don’t stop there. This floral design is almost too pretty to eat.

pie crust tips7

8. When cutting shapes for your crust, don’t forget you can use the leftovers, too.

pie crust tips8

9. It’s a little extra work, but this braid will blow their minds.

pie crust tips9

10. For a modern take, try this unusual idea.

pie crust tips10

11. And of course, shallow muffin tins make for great mini crusts.

pie crust tips11

12. If you’re going for a solid-top pie, you can spruce that up with a doily pattern.

pie crust tips12

13. But even open-top pies can get some love.

pie crust tips13

14. Tell the typography buff in your life how you really feel with a clever calligraphy crust.

pie crust tips14


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