Mom Shreds A Piece Of Paper In Front Of Her Baby. The Baby’s Reaction Will Leave You Laughing…

Is there anything sweeter than a baby laughing? Developing the ability to laugh and a sense of humor are important milestones for any infant.

While babies smile almost from birth, laughter takes a little longer. Across the globe, infants usually begin to laugh between three and four months. As with other developmental steps, parents can’t rush those first giggles, but once you hear that first guffaw, there are ways to trigger the precious sound.

Young babies’ funny bones are usually tickled by auditory and tactile stimulation. Blowing raspberries on their tummies or making a squeaky voice are sure to earn a chuckle. By about 8 or 10 months, infants might begin to laugh during simple games, such as peekaboo.


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