Inseparable Pit Bull Brothers Are Stealing Hearts Across The Internet

Darren and Phillip, are two adorable Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Brisbane, Australia, who are invading the internet with their adorable pictures.

These pitties called “Blueboys” are the beloved pups of Jennifer McLean.  She rescued them a year apart, but says they’ve become inseparable pals that love to snuggle and wear dog clothes.

Pit Bull Brothers1

Pit Bull Brothers2

Pit Bull Brothers3

Pit Bull Brothers4

Pit Bull Brothers5

Pit Bull Brothers6

Pit Bull Brothers7

Pit Bull Brothers8

Pit Bull Brothers9

Pit Bull Brothers10

Pit Bull Brothers11

Pit Bull Brothers12

Pit Bull Brothers13

Pit Bull Brothers14

Pit Bull Brothers15

Pit Bull Brothers16


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