Pizza And Quesadilla Combined Make This Delicious Treat

The people over at Serious Eats have concocted a creative and quick way to make pizza at home. Well okay, it’s not really pizza. They call it a Pizzadilla, and it’s more of a pizza-flavored quesadilla.

But just take a look at the finished product and you’ll probably want to try this as much as I do.

Pizza and Quesadilla1

Doesn’t look too bad, right? Here’s how to do it:

You start out by making a normal quesadilla, but add a layer of pizza sauce inside.

Pizza and Quesadilla2

Flip it over when it’s firm and crusty.

Pizza and Quesadilla3

Once both sides are crisp, you can add whatever toppings you like to the top of the “pizza.”

Pizza and Quesadilla4

Cook it until it looks something like this!

Pizza and Quesadilla5

The kids’ll love it!

Pizza and Quesadilla6

And that’s it! All it takes is about 15 minutes and you could be eating your very own Pizzadilla.

Here is the step-by-step instructions for this recipe.


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