Plastic Drawer Storage Ideas That Are Decorative And Perfect For Small Spaces

Have you struggled with storage in your small living space? Have you seen these handy plastic storage drawers at your local big box store? Here’s some nifty ways to use these containers!

Gift Wrap Station

If you’re passionate about beautifully wrapped gifts, then you’ll love this awesome gift wrap station. Keep little accessories such as gift tags, ribbons, and tissue paper neatly tucked away inside these convenient plastic drawers. Your favorite gift wrap accessory will always be within reach!

plastic drawer storage ideas 1

DIY Craft Workstation

Storage drawers can help turn this little nook into a great work space for your crafting projects. Lisa from My Paper Tales can show you how to make this cute art and crafts workstation. Head on over to her blog for more details!

plastic drawer storage ideas 2

Legos Storage

If you’ve ever stepped on a stray Lego, then you know what a painful encounter that can be! Jennifer at Subscription Box Ramblings keeps her tootsies safe by storing these color-coded toys out of harms way.

plastic drawer storage ideas 3

Flip Flop Footlocker

Don’t let your collection of flip flops pile up on the floor! Ann from On Sutton Place has a fantastic idea for keeping your favorite spring and summer
footwear organized. It’s as simple as stacking them neatly inside of this cool “footlocker.”

plastic drawer storage ideas 4

Outfit Of The Day

If you’re always in a rush in the morning to get the kids dressed and off to school, plan ahead with this fun “outfit of the day”clothing station. There’s plenty of extra room for shoes and backpacks too!

Upgraded Toy Box

A clutter-free playroom for the kids might sound like a fantasy, but this storage system helps that idea become a reality! It makes it easy to put Barbie and other toys away at the end of the play day. More details can be found on the blog from The Workman Family.

plastic drawer storage ideas 6

Cute Pet Food Bins

This clever pet food bin idea comes from The Real Thing With The Coake Family. A small supply of meow or woofy chow is within easy reach in these handy containers. You’ll no longer need to wrestle with a large bag of kibble when it’s feeding time. You might even hear a happy purr or bark when your furry critters see you open their favorite food drawer!
plastic drawer storage ideas 7

Untangle Your Cords

Living in a technological world means there are lots of cords and cables to deal with. Untangle the mess by organizing them in their own separate drawers. Don’t forget to label what they are for! This brilliant idea comes from Terry White’s Tech Blog.
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