Woman Sees Police Officer Doing Something Unusual, So She Snaps This Photo…

The fear begins anytime you are driving and see a police car!  Even if you are not speeding, driving within the lane and not doing a thing wrong.  of me?

A myriad of questions come into our heads when we see a police officer, no matter how good of a driver we think we are!

Police officers mission is to protect and serve our communities.  They are the brave individuals who put their lives on the line every day so our families are safe.

Maybe the next a police officer passes by, rather than worrying about how we are driving safely, give them a wave, or a”thank you,” and smile at them instead.

Brittany Wallace was driving through town when she noticed a police car pulled over in an unusual way. She wasn’t sure what was about to happen, so grabbed her camera and prepared to capture the moment.

Brittany about to witness and record a police officer’s random act of kindness. She posted to Facebook that there was a gentleman having difficulties with his motorized wheelchair in the warm 90-degree weather  A St. Ann policeman parked his car in the middle of the intersection so he could assist the man safely across the street.

Brittany will never forget what a beautiful moment this was.

As Maya Angelou said:

“People won’t remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.”


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