Happily Married Couple Claims Sleeping With Other People Helps Keep Their Marriage Strong

Laura and Mike Leonard, both 28, have been happily married for three years and have a secret to a successful union: sleeping with other people.

The Leonards were in 2015, and have practiced polyamory, or having multiple romantic partners since that time. Both have slept with more than 10 other people outside of their relationship.

polyamorous relationship

Laura, who lives with her husband and their 5-year-old son, Ian, in California, said: “Having sex with other people has nothing to do with us ‘being cheaters.’ We both just need more than one sexual partner to fulfill our needs.”

Laura, a customer service adviser, currently divides her attention among her husband, boyfriend, and girlfriend. Mike is not currently dating anyone else.

polyamorous relationship

“Although I can get jealous of her other partners, she does her best to ensure she divides her time between us all,” Mike says. And even though it’s a balancing act, Laura and Mike think they’re up to it.

“Myself and Mike have adult responsibilities like our house and Ian to consider,” Laura says. “Polyamory isn’t for everyone, but I think if most people were themselves, they’d realize that one single person cannot possibly give them everything they need.”

polyamorous relationship

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