Alabama Mom Became Famous For Carrying Sextuplets And Delivers 6 Babies In 4 Minutes

Courtney and Eric Waldrop welcomed their first son in 2008, only to suffer a string of devastating miscarriages upon trying to have more babies.

Courtney’s doctor placed her on fertility treatments, which led to their conception of twin boys. After their fourth miscarriage, however, Courtney and Eric were still hoping for more kids.

She was placed on a lower dosage of fertility treatments intended to minimize the chances of Courtney carrying multiple fetuses.

Nothing prepared Courtney, a first-grade teacher, for what happened next. Not only did Courtney get pregnant with multiples, but doctors looked at the ultrasound and discovered she was pregnant with sextuplets! A truly rare and risky pregnancy.

In September 2017, the Solitude Baptist Church held a fundraiser for the family and organized a gender reveal party. The clip went viral with millions of views online, and Courtney was elated to learn she would finally have a daughter (or three). The family’s followers hoped and prayed the birth would go as smoothly as possible and all six babies would be born healthy.

This past week, Courtney went into labour and shared the experience with her eager fans. This is nothing short of a miracle.

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