Puppy Watches His Dad Pour Food Into His Bowl. But What He Does Before Eating Will Amaze You…

Most dogs will lunge at the sight, or even the smell, of food. For most pups, it’s the driving force behind their every move. Well, that and the need to please their humans. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which matters more to them, though.

Let’s just keep thinking that we come before special treats and their precious kibble.

However, there are some canines out there that can exercise immense patience and restraint when the treats come out. I’ve seen dogs who have more self control than I do! But, then again, that isn’t saying too much.

When this little pup’s owner gets ready to feed him his dinner, the four-legged friend looks on eagerly. However, once the kibble is in the bowl, he doesn’t dive straight in.

Instead of gobbling down his food as fast as he can, this pup lies down on the ground.  Wait until you see why…


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